Jim and Pam from The Office

This year marks the 10th anniversary of when The Office US started so I’m doing a series devoted to the couple that (for better or worse) introduced me to fandom: Jim and Pam. Drawings are done with Derwent Drawing Pencils with some Faber Castell Polychromos on Strathmore toned tan paper. Prints and more available at RedBubble


“Not a Bad Day” – from ep102 Diversity Day (prints available)

Best Dundies Ever

“Best Dundies Ever” from ep201 The Dundies (print available)

Best Dundies Ever No BG

“Best Dundies Ever” no background variant. (prints available)


“So Which One Is Jim?” from Ep202 Sexual Harassment (prints available)


Paper Doves from Office Olympics (prints available)


Black Cat Pam and 3-Hole-Punch Jim from Halloween (prints available)


Swaying (isn’t Dancing) from The Client (prints available)


Swaying (isn’t Dancing) no background from The Client (prints available)


“Home Office” from 209 Email Surveillance (prints available)

PBnJ Christmas

“Secret Santa” from 210 Christmas Party (prints available)

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