Journal March 2013

What’s New With Me: March Edition

Hello all, welcome to the latest incarnation of my site! I don’t want regular blog posts on the front page with my “portfolio entires” so since my updates should be somewhat infrequent, I’m just going to make pages.

So yeah, my site moved because I decided I don’t *really* need to be paying for hosting at this point, maybe again in the future.

I’ve been heading up a couple challenges over at Tumblr. First, we’re nearly finished with March Moleskine Madness at the Moleskine Lovers blog. It’s been great to see so many people take part. I’ve fallen a bit behind (and it’s my own dang challenge!) but here are some things I’ve done:

Another art challenge I headed up recently was Nagranowrimo, or “National Graphic Novel Writing Month.” The inaugural Nagranowrimo was this February and it went pretty well, I certainly learned a lot about making graphic novels! There will be a summer session in August, please check out the Nagranowrimo tumblr to keep updated!

The big news with me is I will be visiting New Zealand next month! I will be taking tons of picture and hopefully drawing a lot of sketches so look for kiwi-flavored updates soon!

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