Not a Bad Day – Jim and Pam

I was a huge “Office” nerd back in the day and some recent Netflix marathoning reminded me I’m still a big Office nerd. Also the show started 10 years ago, so I thought this would be fun as a kind of anniversary thing. So here’s Jim and Pam from ep 102 “Diversity Day”. I was kinda thinking about a “Top Season 2 Jim and Pam Moments” series, we’ll see if that pans out. (prints available)


Matt and Claire from Daredevil

I posted this as a project but I’m not sure what shows up where when you post a project verses a blog post, so here it is as a post! I recent marathoned Netflix’s Daredevil and liked it a lot, also I guess I’m a bit of a “Clairedevil” fan. This drawing is graphite and charcoal on gray-toned paper, with a screenshot of the show used for reference. clairedevil

Halloween crafting: Willa the Witch

For Halloween this year I make an amigurumi witch. There are plenty of cute witch patterns out there but I ended up modifying this Red Riding Hood pattern by AmyGaines on Etsy. The only change was color switching and making the cape without the hood (and no legs, at least for the time being). For the hat, I found this free pattern on Lion Brand Yarn’s website (you may need an account to view) and made it a few rows bigger at the end so it would rest on the witch’s head. I was extremely pleased with the results and took the witch, whom I’m naming Willa, and some kitties I purchased in Japan to the back yard for a photoshoot.

Willa the Witch by Ladamania

Willa and friends by Ladamania