Office BFFs

Oh my god, it’s happening! I’m in a book! Not just any book but the Office BFFs book from Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. Jenna reached out to me, or more accurately slid into my DMs, last year to do some brand new pieces for the project as well as include some of my classic JAM art. My answer was an enthusiastic, immediate “Yes!”

The first piece was of the rooftop “date” scene in the season 2’s “The Client”. Those lawn chairs just about did me in but it was worth the tediousness. A friend said you can hear that vinyl chair Jim is in.

Second piece was a challenge, a scene of Pam’s coal walk in season 3’s “Beach Games”. I was unsure how to even depict this scene and how I’d arrange it, and that’s not mentioning the challenge of getting a good clear screenshot to work with. The real key was to capture the look on Pam’s face before she ran, a look both determined and playful, and I hope I did at least that.

The third piece was added later, a depiction of Angela singing “Little Drummer Boy” with Dwight holding the microphone in season 3’s A Benihana Christmas. I’ve drawn a lot of JAM that I’m very familiar with their faces and the colors used but Dwangela was brand new territory. This scene also had challenges like Angela’s insane floofy blouse and that little Schrute Smirk. In the end this might be my favorite piece, especially paired with Angela Kinsey’s recollection of how she was so nervous to sing until Rainn Wilson dropped to his knee and helped her find and keep the rhythm.

All these pieces and more are Office BFFs, and of course if you want prints I have them up in my RedBubble Shop. Thanks so much to Angela and Jenna for including me in this, you made this Office Flan’s heart soar with the eagle’s nest!

Jim and Pam – A Good Day

Next up in my Jim and Pam series is a scene from ep 219 “Michael’s Birthday”. This was my first piece on 14x11in paper and also the first time I tried doing my outlines with Col-Erase pencils instead of graphite.


This will also go down as the first piece a cast member noticed as Pam herself liked it on Instagram!

why yes I did have a fangirl meltdown when this happened, how’d you know?

Jim and Pam – 27 Seconds

I have a lot of love for ep. 211 “Booze Cruise” and I wanted to do justice to the equally lovely and heartbreaking 27 Seconds of Silence scene. I played around with all sorts of layouts, but I decided to stitch together a bunch of frames to get my reference. I also decided to try out doing a background on a different paper and putting it together in Photoshop. I’ve already fussed around a lot with the background version and probably will more in the future, but it’s presentable.

27 seconds no background

27 seconds with background

Jim and Pam – Secret Santa

Somehow I didn’t get this posted for Christmas but here is my latest PB&J piece from ep 210 “Christmas Party”. I used a silly promo shot for reference, and that paper ream “Christmas tree” just about did me in! I also added a little detail, can you find it? (answer after the pic)

PBnJ Christmas

Did you notice the little white bit in Jim’s back pocket? That’s the famous teapot card. And yes, the mistletoe ribbon was also added.

Jim and Pam – Swaying (Isn’t Dancing)

That’s right, more PB&J! I really love this scene from ep 207 “The Client” where Jim and Pam share earbuds and dance sway to a song, one of the great “little moments” that they had.


The background was drawn on a separate paper and added in digitally, and I really like the result! Here’s the no background version (which I also like)